How to Blog Consistently: 3 Things to Remember

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I first started blogging in 2014, and I actually remember making it private so it was more of an online journal.

It took a few months to even get up the courage to make my work public on WordPress (hardly anyone saw it, but still!) and even longer to actually announce to friends and family that I was pouring my heart out to the internet.

I always thought that getting started would be the hardest part, but now, a few years in, I have started to realise that keeping it up isn’t always easy, either.

Whether you’ve been blogging longer than I have, or you’re still playing around with ideas in your head, this week I am thinking about consistency in your work.

For so many years, I was scared to tie myself down to a theme or niche in case I changed my mind. I tried to be everything to everyone.

But that doesn’t work!

You can be carefree within consistency. You are not restricting yourself by choosing a specific niche.

Here are three guidelines to help you blog consistently, and with confidence.

How to Blog Consistently in Three Simple Steps

1- Being Specific is Not a Limitation

I recently went through my Instagram, and decided on 5 categories that I would stick to from now on:


Street Scenes



Photos of me (lol)

Sound dull and uninspiring?

If there’s one thing I’ve learned recently, it’s that you can’t think outside the box without giving yourself a box. It’s infuriating but it’s true.

As I rebrand my website and start my business, I have had to streamline. It is literally the only way NOT to get overwhelmed and bogged down in your ideas. This means I have:

  1. Taken a holistic view at what my super-skills are and how to use them to help others.
  2. Then, broken that bigger view up so I can see where the pieces join together and create a content strategy which will be easily managed from week, to month, to year.

It’s been a mix of researching what other people do, and soul-searching, but I think I’m nearly getting there.

I think we often have a fear of ‘tying ourselves down’ to something, but consistency is actually the biggest liberation of them all. If I decide that my four ‘pillars’/super important things for my business are mindfulness, intention, communication and fostering creativity, then I have plotted a map of sorts.

As life ebbs and flows, and I want to write about different experiences, by simply ensuring that I address the subject through one of those four lenses, I know that I am keeping consistent to my overall message, and it actually helps me with structuring everything from my blog posts to my days.

The other big thing that will help you achieve consistency is to:

2- Take the Time to Visualise Your Ideal Reader

Especially if you are just getting started, it can be so tempting to think that your blog is all about you.

If you want an online diary, and that is the only purpose, then sure. It can be all about you.

However, if your visions and goals for your blogging include:

– Making money (at some point)

– Becoming influential in your niche

– Starting a business

Then you will benefit hugely from creating a really detailed imaginary reader for whom you construct content, take photographs for, and guide through the corner of your life that has become the focal point for your blog.

Visualising your ideal reader is another lesson in how being consistent and specific helps us make liberating decisions, rather than forcing us into a corner.

I have a few ‘visualised readers’ for my content, and they all have pretty rounded out personalities. I know that one of them is 27 years old, she works part-time in retail and part-time for a fashion designer. She has been to university or college and is curious and inquisitive about the world.

She dreams of becoming a stylist but is nervous about starting a blog in case she doesn’t feel experienced enough to share ideas with confidence. However, the more time passes, the more the urge to just try it and see. She is the one her friends call when they are dressing for a job interview or an important event. She loves mixing brands like Cos, &OtherStories, and Weekday with bits found in vintage and charity shops, or when shopping on shoestring weekend breaks in Europe.

Why do I bother doing this, you might be asking?

Because knowing my reader helps me make every single blog-related decision more quickly and more confident.

Don’t believe me?

Try it and see.

And if you need some help coming up with your ideal readers profile, shoot me a message!

3- Believe that your voice is unique


I really don’t care how many other bloggers there are right now doing what you are doing, or thinking of doing.

When you hit your stride and start doing something you really love, it will shine through. Getting to that place isn’t just a case of trial and error and figuring out (although, that helps!!).

It is also a process of developing self-belief.

You are worthy of sharing your ideas and insights. People are interested in what you have to say in your niche. No one is you, and that is one of your superpowers.

But you must learn to allow yourself to truly believe that.

I know it can really be tempting to allow a little part of yourself to think:

Well, I might fail, but that’s okay.

But honestly, this little safety-mechanism will undo itself eventually, through self-sabotage or through becoming a false belief when things get tough.

Mindset is a tough nut to crack sometimes, but if there’s one thing you take away from this blog, I want you to know that you have some beautiful ideas to share, and you deserve to believe 100% in your own ability to do that.

Good job, guys!

How about a little summary for those in the back?

Still got questions about blogging consistently? Feel free to drop me a comment, or get in touch!

And if we aren’t already connected on Insta then come hang out, you can find me at @saramcqueencreative.

Stay magical, and let me know if this has been helpful for you xxx


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